Data Modeler Job Support

Data Modeler Job Support

Data Modeler Job Support Introduction:

Data Modeler Job Support at ARItTechnologies- Data Modelling is also known as Data Structuring and it represents the data’s nature and also the business logic to control the data. Data Modelling handles the database and also defines the structure of the data. It helps to communicate among the business people to fulfill their needs. There are three types in the Data Modelling concepts. They are Conceptual Model, Logical Model and Physical Model. ARItTechnologies provides the best Data Modeler Job Support by industrial experts at an affordable price.

Why do we need Data Modeler Online Job Support Service?

As we know that the technology is changing frequently. The requirements of the clients are also changing according to the updated technology, as a result the companies are keeping pressure on the employees. To sustain in this competitive world the employees must and should update their skills than only they can survive in this field. But sometimes it becomes impossible to update the skills at this type of situations job support services plays a very important role in completing the project on time. ARItTechnologies provides the best Data Modeler Job Support by industrial experts at a reasonable price.

Why choose AR IT Technologies as your proxy Data Modeler Job Support partner?

ARItTechnologies provides the best Data Modeler Job Support and Data Modeler Training by industrial experts at an affordable price. In our Data Modeler Job Support services, you will get in-depth knowledge so that you can able to handle other projects related to Data Modeler confidently. We will always support you from the starting to the end of the Data Modeler project and you can also contact us at anytime regarding Data Modeler Online Project. In our Data Modeler Training, we teach you from the very basic level to the advanced level practically. So that with practical knowledge only you can gain the job easily. We are a team of experts having hands on experience from many years and we can solve any issue related to Data Modeler in a very short period of time. We provide Data Modeler Interview questions and also help you in preparing Data Modeler resume for both freshers and also for experienced employees. We support all types of Data Modeler proxy interview calls from India at an affordable price.

Who should approach us for Data Modeler On Job Support?

Students or freshers who are interested to learn Data Modeler Course can approach us for Data Modeler Training. There are no prerequisites anyone can learn this course. This Data Modeler Online Course is also suitable for the employees who are presently working as Database Modelers, Database Administrators, Analytics Managers, ETL and BI Developer, Data Scientists and Analysts can approach us for Data Modeler Online Training. So that they can reach to their next level easily in the career. Freshers or experienced employees who are not able to complete their Data Modeler Project on time can approach us for Data Modeler Online Job Support. This is the right platform for the students, freshers and also for experienced employees who want to grow their career in the field of Data Modeler.

Why should I learn and invest in Data Modeler On Job Training?

ARItTechnologies provides the best Data Modeler Training in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and also Data Modeler Online Training in other countries like USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Seattle, Boston, South Africa and Australia. On students requirement we also provide the best Data Modeler Corporate Training by industrial experts at an affordable price. After the completion of the course we provide Data Modeler certification along with tutorial videos. Many organizations are looking for the candidates who are having Data Modeler skills along with good communication and they are ready to pay good salaries for the right candidates. There are many Data Modeler job roles like ETL Data Modeler, SQL Server Data Modeler, Senior Data Modeler, Senior Lead Data Modeler, Business Intelligence Data Modeler, Data Warehousing Data Modeler, Data Warehouse Design and Development, Data Modeler Teradata, Data Modeler Data Architect, SAP HANA Data Modeler, Erwin Data Modeler, Senior Data Modeler Data Architect, Database Data Modeler etc. There are many Data Modeler job openings in India at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and also in other countries like Singapore, Seattle, Boston, South Africa, Australia, UK, Canada, USA in top MNC companies like ITC, Intel, Oracle, Capgemini, Accenture, IBM etc. On an average Data Modeler can earn a salary of $120,000 per annum and 12,00,000/- per annum in India. There will be difference in salaries for a certified professional and a non certified professional. This is correct time for the students and freshers who want to build their career in the field of Data Modeler.

At ARItTechnologies we will teach each and every topic related to Data Modelling like Data Modelling in Power BI, Data Modelling techniques in Data Analytics, Data Modelling in Data Warehouse, Data Modelling in DBMS, Data Modelling Types, Data Modelling examples, Data Modelling Diagram, Data Modelling SQL Server, Data Modeler Oracle etc and we also give all types of trainings related to Data Modelling like Erwin Data Modeler Training, Oracle Data Modeler Training, Toad Data Modeler Training, Data Vault Modeling Training, Kimball Data Modeling Training, Big Data Modeling Training, CA Erwin Data Modeler Training, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Training and Power BI Data Modelling Training by industrial experts at an affordable price. Join with us to become a certified Data Modeler professional and grow in your career easily.

What are Data Modelling Tools?

Data Modelling Tools: Data Modelling is used to create a Data Model for the data and it is kept in a Database. The Data Modelling tools are Erwin Data Modeler, ER/Studio, DbSchema, ConceptDraw, Xplenty,  PowerDesigner, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, Archi, SQL DBM, Database Deployment Manager, Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, MySQL Workbench, IBM InfoSpher Data Architect, Toad Data Modeler, Database Workbench, Feature Selection Toolbox etc.

Erwin Data Modeling Training:

Erwin Data Modeler: Erwin Data Modeler is simply known as Erwin DM. Among all the tools of Data Modelling, Erwin Data Modeler is one of the famous tool. This tool is very helpful for the Database Engineers because they can enter their Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams in a graphical method. The difference between the Model and Database is identified easily with the help of Erwin Data Modeler.

Erwin Data Modeler Training Course Content:

Day 1:

Topic-1. Data Base Concepts

  • Cardinalities – 1×1,1XM,MXN

Day 2:


  • First Normal Form – Atomicity, Redundancy
  • Second Normal Form – Partial Dependency
  • Third Normal Form – Transitive Dependency


  • Atomicity
  • Consistency
  • Integrity
  • Durability

Topic 2. Relational Data Modeling

Day 3:

Data Model

  • What is a Data Model?
  • Characteristics of Data Model- Scalability, Consistency
  • Entity Relation Ships– Identifying, Non Identifying ( Mandatory, Non Mandatory)
  • Entity Types- Super – Sub Types, Weak Entity, Associative Entity

Day 4:

Data Modeling Development Life Cycle

  • 4 Phases of Modeling– Subject Area, Conceptual Model, Logical Model, Physical Model, Data Modeling Life Cycle, Steps to Create a Data Model, Standards & Guidelines, Regulatory, Ordinances, Compliances, Meta data Management, Master Data Management, Role of Data Modeler

Day 5:

  • Logical Data Model
  • Model Scenarios– Sample case Study
  • Model 1– University System, Matrix format representation, Model Designing
  • Model 2– Students, Courses, Tutors Scenario.
  • Model 3– Hotel Room Booking Scenario.

Day 6:

Dimensional Modeling:

  • Physical Data Model– Indexes and their role, Data Volumes, Capacity Planning, Views, Performance Tuning Methods, Data Profiling, Partitioning, Complete Compare

Day 7:

Hands on OLTP Data Model Scenarios, Overview of Erwin data Modeling Tool, Reverse Engineering.

Practical Sessions:

  • Logical Model– Entity Creation, Attribute Creation, Data Type Assignment, Super Type & Sub Type, Domain Creation.
  • Relationships– Creating Primary and Foreign Key relationships, Hands on OLTP Data Model scenarios, Identifying & Non Identifying Relationships.
  • Cardinalities– 1 to 1 , 1 to M, M to N.

Day 8:

  • Physical Modeling– Assigning Column Abbreviations & Table Abbreviations, Super Type & Sub Type, Converting Logical Model to Physical Model, Forward Engineering.
  • Model Reports– Entity Reports

Day 9:

Topic 3. Data Warehouse          

Data warehouse Concepts                    

  • Evolution of Data warehouse- Denormalization
  • Characteristics of Data Warehouse-Non Volatile, Timevariant,Subject oriented, Integrated
  • ER Model vs. Dimensional Modeling
  • Inmon vs. Kimball Top Down vs. Bottom Up approach

Day 10:

Topic 4.Dimensional Modeling           

  • Introduction Industry Specific Models- IBM, Teradata
  • Different Olap Types-OLTP,OLAP, Hybrid
  • Meta Data Management(MDM)-Maintaining Data about data, Defining Standards and Guidelines for Data Definitions, Attribute Names.
  • Business Glossary– Standards & Guidelines, Regulatory, Ordinances, Compliances.

Day 12:                                                                                            

  • Life Cycle of Dimensional Modeling- Business Process, Identify Grain, Identify Dimension, Identify Fact
  • What is a Data Mart
  • Different Schemas- Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema
  • OLTP vs. OLAP-

Topic 5:Data Vault           

  • Hub and spoke architecture-Benefits of Data Vault Modeling, when to use Data Vault

Day 13:                                

  • Dimension Tables- Dimension, Conformed Dimension, Role Playing Dimension, Junk Dimension, Null Attribute in Dimension, Place Holder Dimension, Degenerate Dimension

Day 14:                                            

  • Fact Column Types- Conformed Facts, Additive Facts, Semi Additive Facts, Non Additive Facts
  • Grain

Day 15:                                

  • Bus Architecture- Conformed Dimensions
  • Slowly Growing Dimensions

Day 16:                                

  • Slowly Changing Dimensions- “SCD Type 0 , SCD Type 1, SCD Type2,  SCD Type 3, SCD Type 4, SCD Type 5, SCD Type 6, SCD Type 7.”
  • Outrigger Dimension
  • Hierarchies- Static, Dynamic, Ragged

Day 17:                                

  • Handling M X N Relation Ship Tables- Associate tables
  • Different Types of Fact Tables- Transaction, Periodic, Accumulating, Fact less Fact Table

Day 18:                    

Topic 6: Reports Types: 

  • Drill Across
  • Drill Through
  • Cross Sell
  • Up Sell
  • Summations
  • Aggregates

Topic 7:Model Reports:

  • Modeling Tools
  • Naming conventions & Standards
  • Hands on ERwin tool

Day 19 & 20:                                              

  • Hands on Dimensional Modeling Scenarios

At our Erwin Data Modeling Training we will teach each and every topic related to Erwin Data Modeler like Erwin Data Modeling Tool, CA Erwin Data Modeler Version 9, Erwin Data Modeling software, Erwin Data Modeler Architecture, Erwin Data Modeler Features, Erwin Data Modeler Versions, Erwin Data Modeler Portable, Erwin Data Modeler license key, Erwin Data Modeler community edition, Erwin Data Modeler price, Erwin Data Model Validator etc and there are also many Erwin Data Modeler job roles like Erwin Data Modeling Engineer, Erwin Modeling Data Architect, ER Studio and Erwin etc in top MNC companies across the world. This is the correct time for the students and freshers who want to build their career in the field of Erwin Data Modeling. After the completion of the course we provide Erwin Data Modeler certification with tutorial videos and also Erwin Data Modeler interview questions for both freshers and experienced employees. We provide the best Erwin Data Modeler Training and Erwin Data Modeler Job Support by industrial experts at an affordable price.

Our Data Modeler Technical Assistance program:

When you contact us for our Data Modeler Online Job support or Erwin Data Modeler Training service, our team will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your task requirement, tools and technology. The entire process will be done remotely on a conference call.

You will be assigned a trainer/consultant who will provide you with a demo session. Our team provides hassle-free assistance. Our Data Modeler On Job Support will handhold you through your technical challenges.

Please contact us on our email ( or our phone number (+91 88978 72750, +91 91009 51092) to get more information on the Data Modeler Job support and Erwin Data Modeler Training. Alternatively, you can also fill-up the form on contact us page on our website and our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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